Chesapeake Central Plant

Chesapeake Central Plant

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Oklahoma City, OK

The Chesapeake Central Plant provides energy-efficient chilled water to the buildings located on the east side of campus. The chiller plant currently houses four chillers- totaling 6,000 Tons- with room to expand to six chillers.  Located on the northeast corner of the campus, the building was designed to withstand an EF-5 tornado.


  • Hastings Make-Up Air Unit
  • Loren Cook Exhaust Fans
  • Onicon BTU Meters
  • Onicon Flow Meters
  • Reymsa Cooling Towers
  • Ruskin Dampers
  • Ruskin Louvers
  • Titus Air Distribution Devices
  • York Refrigerant Recovery Systems
  • York YK Chiller with Medium Voltage VFD


Elliott + Associates


Determan-Sheirman, Inc.

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